Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias

Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias, a sequel to the production of Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret, which met on the big screen exactly 10 years agoThis production, named Jodi Arias, is a notorious serial killer. This production, adapted from real events and transferred to the big screen, is about Jodi Arias making friends here after she was imprisoned and the events that followed. Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias, which premiered on January 22, 2023, is directed by Rama Rau and the script of the film is signed by Kim Barker. The production, which received a score of 5.7 from IMDB, confronts its audience in the genres of crime and drama. The cast of the 4k movie, which has a duration of exactly ninety minutes, is Celina Sinden, Tricia Black, Lynn Rafferty, Elias Edraki and Adriano Sobretodo JR. names such as
Serial killer Jodi Arias (Celina Sinden), who was arrested after the brutal murders she committed many years ago, is sent to prison. Arias, who is now behind bars, although hated by many here; He also managed to make friends here unexpectedly. Arias, who became friends with Donovan Bering (Tricia Black) and Tracy Brown (Lynn Rafferty), whom he met in prison, and soon became inseparable with them, although he introduced himself to these new friends in good faith; He will reveal his true face after some events that take place soon.
One day, Donavan, who was released from prison shortly before Jodi’s trial, instead of leaving his close friend in prison alone after his freedom; She decides to support him. Donovan, who defended Arias and became his spokesperson after some of his social media posts, did everything he could to defend his friend; He will soon realize that all this has not come to any conclusion. But Donovan’s refusal to defend him any longer will reveal Arias’ true nature.

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