Max Cloud

The 2020 action comedy and science fiction film Max Cloud is directed by director and screenwriter Martin Owen, who is known for directing the films Let’s Be Evil (2016), Nameless Killers (2019), Twist (2021) and LA Slasher (2015). . The screenplay of the film was also written by Martin Owen, and he was accompanied by actor Sally Collett, who starred in the film and had short roles in the TV series and films Nameless Killers (2019), A Very Uncommon Christmas (2019) and Ripper (2016).

The movie takes place in 1990. Young Sarah is a video game addict, especially the game named Max Cloud. Sarah’s father is upset that she plays so many games. When Sarah doesn’t listen to him, the game takes the console’s control arm from him and forbids him to play on the weekend. So Sarah wishes she could play games every day forever.

The character named Space Witch on the screen in Max Cloud, the game she played at that time, heard her. Realizing her wish, the Witch made Sarah enter the game called Max Cloud. The character named Max Cloud says that he is an intergalactic peacekeeper. Sarah has entered the character who is her cook in the game and can now play the game from this world forever. Sarah realizes that this situation is not good and she wants to go to the real world.

While Sarah is trapped inside the video game she loves so much, her friend Cowboy comes to her house. Cowboy can hear Sarah’s voice but cannot see it in the room. Sarah calls out to him from within the game console. Cowboy, who has a hard time believing this, is later convinced and thinks that they need to finish the game for him to leave the game. Agreeing on this idea, the duo starts playing the game. Cowboy guides Sarah in the game with the control arm he brought with him. Meanwhile, Max Cloud’s ship has made an emergency landing on a planet used as a prison and is unusable. The evil character Revengor on the planet will want to take over the ship. The duo must defeat Revengor and get off the planet to end the game.

Max Cloud, an intergalactic hero, is played by Scott Adkins. His cook, Jake Elliot, is played by James Langrindge. The villain on the planet where they fell was brought to life by John Hannah. His right-hand man, Shee, came to life in the movie thanks to Lashana Lynch. They are accompanied by Tommy Flanagan, Sam Hazeldine, Franz Drameh.

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