The Price We Pay

The Price We Pay, which focuses on an extremely gripping story that will make you, our valued visitors, experience moments of tension for ninety minutes.This production named; It centers on a woman named Grace, who was taken hostage by two men who robbed them, unaware of what would happen to them one day. Unfortunately inside the shop these two men robbed, Grace is taken hostage by thieves and taken to a remote farmhouse. However, this farmhouse will cause them to experience moments of fear. Ryuhei Kitamura is the director of this 4k movie, which premiered on January 10, 2023, and Christopher Jolley accompanies Kitamura in the script of the movie. Made in the USA, the movie is action; While appearing in front of its audience in horror and thriller genres, it also manages to get 5.5 points from IMDB. The story of the production, starring names such as Emile Hirsch, Stephen Dorff, Gigi Zumbado and Vernon Wells, develops as follows…
Two young men, Alex (Emile Hirsch) and Cody (Stephen Dorff), decide one day to rob a pawn shop. These two thieves, who killed many people inside during the robbery, also took hostage a young girl named Grace (Gigi Zumbado), who was unlucky at the time and witnessed everything that was going on in the shop. Grace, who did everything these two thieves said one by one to protect her life, is now their chauffeur. However, the breakdown of their cars on a deserted road will cause great trouble to everyone in that car, even if they are not aware of it yet.
Taking Grace and the other injured hostage from the shop with them, looking for a place to spend the night nearby, Alex and Cody stumble upon a deserted farmhouse. Seeing that there is only a small child left here, the duo thinks that this is a safe place; Soon they will discover something extremely frightening and they will spend the most difficult hours of their lives.

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